Using Project Templates

Use a project you already have as a template to create new ones.

Who can do this? 

Full and Project level Administrators on a subscription.



  • Click on your name on the upper right and select "Manage Projects and Members" from the pull-down.
  • Select the "Projects" tab
  • Click on "New Project from Template" from the subtab
  • Select the project to use as the template in the "Template Project" field
  • The "Start Date" field is the date the new project will use as the beginning of the first Task in the template 
  • Complete the rest of the form and click on "Add this Project"
  • Newly created project can be edited to reflect current needs


  • Copied from the Template project to the new project:
    • Milestones, Tasks, Dependencies (on Gantt chart), and Categories (folders)
    • Milestones and Tasks are unassigned in the new project since members have not been aided to the new project.
  • Not copied:
    • All other items including: Files, Events, Discussions, Binders, etc.


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