Standard Project Report

A number of Standard Project Reports are available to users. 

Newly added Standard Reports can be found in the "New Reports " folder for 3-4 months so that users can quickly see new additions.

Who has access to Standard Project Reports?:

All members have access to the Standard Reports area of a project.  Some of these Standard Reports allow filters to be applied.

There are some limitations on which report a member may access.  Additionally, there may be a difference what one member sees in a report vs another member viewing the same report (see below).

Standard Reports:

  • Assignments Report*
  • Files Report*
  • Hours Report*
  • Task Plan Report**
  • Tasks Report*

* Accessible by all members

** Accessible by Leaders and Report Managers


Why do two members see different content although they open the same report?

  • The permission level of the Member and the security setting of the items are retained. If a member cannot normally view an item, they will not be viewable in the report.
  • Example: Only Leaders and Task Managers can see everyone Tasks. As a result other members opening the Task Report can only see their own Tasks.


  • The Hours Report
    • Displays, among other things, the total Hours by month for the last six months.  The most recent month will include "(To Date)".  This indicates that this may be a partial month.  If the report was generated on September 15th the reported hours will only be for a partial month in September.
    • If the Remaining Hours column has a negative value the Total Actual Hours have exceeded the Total Estimated hour by that amount.


We are always open to adding new standard reports.  If you have an idea for a report that can be used by many of our customers, let us know at


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