Setting Availability

Not all members have access to control Availability of items.

Who can do this: Leaders, Item Managers (such as a Publisher in the Files area).

Availability can be changed at any time by Leaders and Item Managers.



If you have access tot he feature you will see an "Availability" option like the one below.



If you select an Availability other that "Public" the "Manage Permissions" button will appear.

  • Public items are accessible to all members on the project
  • Mark an item as Sensitive to hide it from Restricted members of this project.
  • Private items can be accessed by all Leaders (and Publishers in the Files area) even if they are not selected.
  • Confidential items can only be accessed by those selected. Leaders (and Publishers in the Files area) not selected will not have access to the item.

Clicking on the "Manage Permissions" button will provide access to the "Manage Permissions" screen with tabs for indicating options to select Members, Companies, Roles, or Groups that have access to the item.  If a member satisfies one of the selected criteria, they will have accessibility.




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