Managing Dashboards and Widgets

Who can create Dashboards: All members within Projecis

Dashboards exist in two screen types: 

  • "My Perspective" screen
  • Project screen

Dashboards consist of widgets that you can customize for your needs.

How to create a dashboard in a project:

  1. Open the project of interest and ensure the "Project" tab is selected
  2. click on "Add Widget"
  3. select the widget type you are interested in
  4. the type selected will drive the variable and dimensions allowed
  5. add any filters
  6. type in the widget name
  7. select color scheme
  8. click on the 'save' button




Dashboards in the "My Perspective" page

The creation of widgets in the My Perspective page is similar to that of projects except you can select several projects to be included in the widget.


Widget Controls

If you hover over a widget you will see three dots in the upper right and two arrows on the lower right.

These will allow you to access widget options including refresh, edit, clone, delete and resize.




If you click on the top of the widget you can drag it to reorganize your dashboard.


Things to know about dashboards:

  • You can create a different dashboard for each Project
  • Your dashboard will only work with the data you have access to. If you do not have access to certain pieces of information that information will be omitted in the widget.
    • e.g. If you want a file count and there are 50 files in the project, but you have access to only 30, the widget will only return 30 as a count.
  • Your dashboard cannot be viewed by others. Others can create their own dashboard in the same project.
  • Your dashboard will refresh when you enter the page or when you click on "Refresh All" at the top.  Additionally, you can "Refresh" an individual widget.
  • If you create a widget and navigate away from the dashboard, clicking on "back" on your web browser may not show you the current widgets on your screen. If you use "back" you should refresh the screen and the current widgets in place will be displayed.
  • With many widgets, you can drill down into the information by clicking in the field of interest
  • Widgets do not change information in the system but, in many cases, you can drill down to get access to the source information.
  • When you create a dashboard in the "My Perspective" page you can select which projects to include in the widget.


For information on "Task Progress" widget (image below), go to "Task Progress Widget...The Details"


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