Effective Dates

You have the option to create Effective Date Ranges for your files.

Note: you can combine "Effective Date Range" with "Set a Reminder" to alert you or others as to when files are expiring.


Effective Date Ranges

When you upload a file there will be an option to enter Effective and Expiration dates.  


If you have a file already in Projecis you can add/edit the effective dates by clicking on "Edit Properties" in the actions area of the specific file.  If you do not have access to this option you do not have sufficient permission in this project (Leader or Publisher).



If a file has Effective Range date(s) entered and is effective, there will be an "effective" flag by the effective date in the file metadata.  If it is outside the Effective Range there will be an "expired" flag.


If only one date is entered (effective vs expiration)

  • If only an effective date is entered, and not an expiration date, the file is effective only after the effective date entered and never expires.
  • If only an expiration date is entered, and not an effective date, the file is always effective until the expiration date.


Effective Date Range Uses:

Date ranges are anything you want them to be.  

Use them for:

  • Files that must be reviewed or revised on a regular basis (e.g. SOP's, manuals, annual reports)
  • Contracts that can expire
  • Documents that are not to be used before or after a specified date
  • etc.


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