Creating and Participating in a Discussion

Who can start a Discussion: Anyone within the project

To Start a Discussion:

  • Log into Projecis
  • Open the project the discussion pertains to
  • Select the Discussions tab
  • Select the New Discussions sub-tab on the far right
  • Select a Title for the Discussion (all emails the system will send to the team will carry this title)
  • Select the kind of security desired and who will participate (see Security options)
  • Enter the Topic of the Discussion (this will be in the body of the first email notification
  • Attach any files
  • Select Add This Discussion button at the bottom

Once the discussion is added an email will be sent to all the participants in the discussion.

To Participate there are two options:

  1. You or your participants can either ‘reply’ to the email or login to participate.  If you reply to the email the body of the email will be sent to everyone participating in the discussion and will be posted in Projecis.
  2. Within the email will be a link which will bring you to the Discussion within Projecis.  The system will require you to login before bringing you to the discussion.


  • If you 'reply' to the email you are limited to one attachment per email.  If your reply has several attachments only one will be posted to the discussion.
  • See Share on how to share this item with others outside of Projecis. People with Share access cannot participate in the discussion.
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