Converting your Free Trial into a Subscription

Who can do this?: Only the subscription owner can upgrade a trial to a full subscription

  • Once you have logged in select our name in the upper right and select "Manage Projects and Members" from the pull down list.
  • Select the appropriate subscription if there is more than one. Proceed to next step if there is only one subscription.
  • Click on the ‘Subscription’ button on the right hand side of the blue bar.
  • The number of seats for a trial is fixed at 15. You adjust the number of seats when you upgrade the trial to a subscription.
  • Select the ‘Upgrade Trial’ button in the grey ‘Actions’ box or the orange “Upgrade” button in the field.
  • Adjust the number of seats, enter your credit card information and Discount Code if any. Your card will be billed each month based on the number of seats. 
  • Select ‘Continue’ and your subscription will be set up.
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