Setting up your Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is an email notification that is sent from the system at 4:00 am the recipient's local time.  This notification has a listing of items that inform the recipient of what has been going on in the projects they are a member of. This notification includes: meetings/events for the day, assignments and activity across their projects.

The member can decide if they will get such notifications and which projects should be included in the notification.

Who: Anyone can change their own Daily Digest settings

Indicate that a Daily Digest should be sent to you

  • Select your name in the upper right and scroll down to "Account Settings".
  • Select the "System Notifications" tab.
  • Indicate that a daily digest should be sent to you.
  • Select the Update button to save the changes.

Identify which Projects should be in your Daily Digest

  • Select the Project
  • In the Project, select the "Setting" tab on the right
  • At the bottom of the notifications setting page you can indicate if this project is included on your Daily Digest.
  • Select the Update button to save the changes.
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