Creating and Managing Tickets

See Definitions: Milestones, Tasks, Tickets to see what this is, who can create this item within a Project and if it can be seen on a Gantt chart.

Create a Ticket:

  • Open the Project you wish to create a Task in
  • Select the Ticket Tab
  • Select the New Ticket sub-tab
  • Select Ticket type: To Do, Issue, Feedback. See Definitions: Milestones, Tasks, Tickets for more information.
  • Complete all the necessary information
  • Select the "Add this <ticket type>" button on the lower left of the page

In the table below, different Ticket types have different Action options available.

Ticket Action Options:

  • Select the Ticket you wish to Edit, Share, etc.
  • Select the desired feature from Action box
  • Complete all the necessary information
  • Select the orange completion box if present


Edit: Change the Ticket details

Update Status: Add information concerning the status of the Ticket

Reassign: Assign a Ticket to someone else on the team.

Place on Hold: Indicate that a Ticket is on hold.  The system allows one to indicate reason is is on hold.

Close: Close a ticket.  Reason for closure can be noted.

Notify Others: A person assigned a Ticket is automatically informed of the Ticket via email.  If you would like others on the team to be notified of this Ticket (but are not responsible for it) you can use this feature to have them notified of the Ticket via email.

Convert to To Do or Task: Feedback Tickets can be converted into a To Do item or a Task and can be assigned to a team member.

Leaders and Ticket Managers can view and track all Tickets and their status toward completion.  Other team members can only view Tickets assigned to them and not those assigned to others.

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