Who can Share files?: Leaders, Publishers, Creators and Document owners on the project.


  • Select the File you wish to share.
  • Select "Share File" in the Actions box on the right.
  • Select an expiration date if you wish (optional).  If there is no expiration date the Share link will be active until the link is disabled.
  • Select an password if you wish (optional). This password will be needed to access the file even if you have the URL.
  • Click on the "Generate a URL..." line.
  • Copy the URL and provide to those you would like access to the news item.
  • The file will have a "Shared" flag in the upper right.

To disable the Share feature for a file:

If the Share has an expiration date and that date has passed, share feature will be disabled and the "Shared" flag will be turned off (not be present).

A file that is shared, with or without a share expiration date, can have the Share disabled. 

  • Select the file you wish to disable the share feature.
  • Select "Share File" in the Actions box on the right or the "Shared" flag.
  • Select the "Remove external access..." line.
  • Close the pop-up box.  The "Shared" flag should be turned off for this item.


  • If the Share feature is turned off (or URL expires) and is Shared again, a new URL is generated.
  • Expired/disabled URL's are not re-used.
  • The URL will provide the latest version of the item at the time the URL is accessed.
  • People with whom the item is "Shared" with cannot edit or add comments to the item.
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