Who can create Alerts? Leaders on the Project.

What is Project Alert?

You can send a message (Alert) to a group of team members on your project. This alert can be sent to them via email, SMS (text), and voice automated message to a landline. This message is one-way from the system to members(s) on the project team. However you can provide links to information within the project, such as files/documents.

Creating an Alert

  • In Projecis, select the Project you wish to create an Alert
  • Select the ‘Project’ Tab on the far left (Fig 1)
  • Select the ‘Alerts’ sub-tab (Fig 1)
  • Select ‘New Alert’ sub-tab on the far right (Fig 2)
  • Complete all the information including if the Alert should be sent to the email of the members, SMS text, and/or voice automated message to a land line (Fig 3).
  • Select availability (see Controlling Alert Availability in pdf for more inforamtion)
  • Select ‘Send Alert’ at the bottom

For those of you that have used Ping, the Project Alert has a number of differences.
Project Alert:

  • Is Project specific: Alerts are sent from a project to members on the specified project
  • Can be sent to a number of individuals on your team. This includes project specified ‘Groups’ (see Setting up Groups below).
  • History of the Alert is maintained within the Project
  • Can only be sent by ‘Leaders’ on the Project


  • Members will only receive Alerts to those communication channels indicated in their Projecis Profile. If a member does not have a mobile number or land-line indicated in their Projecis profile they will not receive notification via those communication channels.
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