Adding Groups

Who can create Groups? Leaders on the Project

What is a Project Group?

Project specific ‘Groups’ (Fig 1) can be created to control access to various content within Projecis (e.g. Files, Discussions), or for receipt of certain types of communications (e.g. Project Alerts).  As Groups are Project specific, they can vary from project to project.

Creating a Group:

  • Open the project in which you wish to create a ‘Group’
  • Select ‘Settings’ tab in the upper right (Fig 2)
  • Select ‘Groups’ sub-tab and then ‘Create Group” on the right (Fig 2, 3)
  • Enter the name of the Group and select the members of this group (Fig 4)
  • Select ’Create Group’ button on the bottom


  • Only Leaders on the project can create a ‘Group’
  • Groups are Project specific and created within the project
  • Members of the ‘Group’ can be edited at any time by a Leader on the Project
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