Remove a Person from your Subscription

Who can do this: Full Administrators on the subscription
  1. Log in
  2. Click on your name in the upper right and select "Manage projects and Members" 
  3. Go to the "People" tab
  4. Click on the name of the person with a "Member" tag 
  5. You can then:
    • "Deactivate" if you wish to remove them from the subscription but may add them back in the future. Their tag will change from "Member" to "Non-Member"
    • "Delete" if you never plan to invite them in the future. They no longer will appear on the list.
Once you Deactivate or Delete them they will not have access to your subscription or any of its projects.  Additionally, they cannot be assigned to any of your projects.
Note: Using Deactivate allows you to re-invite them in the future without having to enter their email address, company, etc.  If you Delete someone, you can invite them in the future, however you will need to re-enter their information.
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