How to Create a Meeting in other Platforms (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) and Reflect it in Projecis

Who can do this? Anyone in the project.

Create the meeting as you normally would do in a platform like Outlook.  In addition to the meeting attendees, invite the Projecis project.

Project email address:

Every project in Projecis has a project specific email address. In the upper right of the project is an Email-in icon.  If you click on the icon it will reveal the project email address. For easy access it's recommended that these be saved in your email contact list.

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  • Although the meeting will be in the Projecis calendar some information, that was in the Outlook invitation, will not be in the Projecis calendar.
  • The meeting will not be published. The meeting owner (person who emailed it in) can edit the meeting in Projecis and publish it to others on the team.


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