Who can do this? Anyone in the subscription.

A Ping is a short one-way message that is communicated from one Member to another Member.  The message can be sent simultaneously to an email, sms (text) to a cellphone and text-to -speech message to a land-line.

This is a great tool if you need to send an urgent message to a Member.

In the right side of Projecis is a presence pane of other Members that you work with in your projects.

  1. Hover over the name of the person you would like to send a Ping to
  2. Select Ping
  3. An email and Chat message in Projecis to the Member is always sent.
  4. Select if a text message and/or text-to-voice message should be sent
  5. Type in a short message
  6. Select the "Ping User" button


  • If there is no option to send a text message or text-to-speech to a direct phone then the Member has not added these numbers to their profile. It is recommended Leaders ask team Members to complete their profile details.
  • The message should be short since the message may be a text. Long messages on phones are difficult to read.
  • Pings are one-way. If a Member replies to a Ping the message will go nowhere.
  • You can include links to items in Projecis in the message.  The Member will need to log in, be a Member of that project and have the appropriate permissions to see the contents the link points to.
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