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Who can create a News story? Anyone on the project, however a Leader or Publisher on the project will need to approve it before others in the project can see it.

A News item is an announcement you would like the team, or subset of team members, to be informed about.  This might be an announcement of an important occurrence for the project, such as achieving a specific stage of the project.

News items are project specific. If a News item is noted as a 'Top Story" it will appear, not only in the Project, but in the Perspective page (landing page) of project members.


  1. Open the Project the News is part of.
  2. Click on the News tab.
  3. Complete the information.  Leaders or Publishers will have the option to manage availability.
  4. Click "Post This Story" in the lower left.


  • If you upload several images for the News item, you can select which one should be the primary image by clicking on the star next to the image name.
  • If there is no image uploaded the system will select an image for your news item based on key words in the headline.
  • If a Leader or Publisher approves a News item they will have the option to manage it's availability to the rest of the team.
  • See Share on how to share this item with others outside of Projecis. 
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