Your Projecis Calendar on Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar

Who can do this? Anyone on the Project.

Every Project has a link that allows you to have your project Projecis Calendar reflected in your Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

If you select the link from the Perspective page the calendar contents of all the projects you have access to will be reflected in Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.


  1. Select the project of interest or the Perspective page
  2. In the upper right click on the calendar icon to reveal the project (or perspective) specific link (Fig 1).
  3. On the same pop-up are links to how to use this link with Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar (Fig 2).


  • As Projecis calendars are changed those changes will be reflected in your other calendar
  • The version of the calendar in your Outlook, Google or Apple Calendar cannot be edited from that platform. Changes need to be made in Projecis.
  • See How To Create A Meeting In Other Platforms (Outlook, Google Calendar, Etc) And Reflect It In Projecis


Fig 1


Fig 2

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