Creating and Managing a Project Binder

Who can create Binders?

Anyone can create Binders however:

  • Leaders are the only ones who can 'Share' their Binder(s) with others outside of the Projecis Project Team
  • Leaders cannot 'Share' other people's Binders
  • Non-Leaders can create Binders but cannot 'Share' them

 See Important notice on 'Access' and 'Sharing' Binders below


What is a Binder?

The Binder feature allows you to create a Table-of-Contents like structure that you can link to various pieces of content within your project; such as Files, Assignments, Discussions, etc. The system allows anyone to create several Binders for specific purposes.

Binders are project specific. A Binder is created, managed and can be linked to content within a given project.

Example Uses:

  • Work processes: Shortcut to information in your project
  • Bundle information to provide to others
  • Data room
  • FTP surrogate
  • Training documents
  • etc.

Create a Binder:

  • Open the project you want to create a Binder in
  • Click on the Binder tab on the blue bar
  • Select the 'New Binder' 
  • Type in the Binder name, use the security options to select who on the team should have access to the Binder and select 'Ok'.

Entering Items:

  • Upon first entering a new Binder there will options at the bottom of the screen to 'Add Folder' or 'Add Items'.
  • Selecting 'Add Folder' will add a folder to the part of the tree that is active.
  • Selecting a Folder 1) opens a successive part of the tree. 2) opens 'Rename', 'Move' and 'Delete' options.
  • The navigation line under the Binder title shows which branches are open and you can navigate to any branch by selecting a folder.

Add Item

  • Allows you to select content within the Project to the Binder.  This can be Meetings, Events, Files, Tickets, Tasks, Milestones, Discussions, Contacts, Organization and Opportunities.

Move an Item or Folder

  • You can move a single Item or a whole folder, and its corresponding subfolders and contents, to a different section of the Binder by selecting the segment you wish to move (it will turn blue), select 'Move' and, in the pop-up, selecting the part of the tree that the item should be moved to.

'Share' vs Giving 'Access'

  • Sharing a Binder involves using the 'Share' button and generating a link (URL). This link can be emailed to others, including those outside of Projecis.
  • Giving Access involves setting the Binder access profile and indicating the Members, Companies, Roles or Groups that should have access. Those identified have to be part of the project team within Projecis.

 Important Note on 'Access' and 'Sharing' Binders:

  • If a Binder is 'Shared' using a link the security profile is removed.  The person with the link will have access to all the content within the Binder.
  • If a team member is given 'Access' via setting access profile in creating the Binder, the individual contents will retain their security profile.
    • Example: If a person on the team does not have access to a specific file and that file is indicated in a Binder that they are given access to: they will not see that file listed in the Binder nor will they be able to access that individual file. Security profile of the individual items are maintained.


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