Subscription and Project Level Permissions

Who can set permissions?:

  • Full Administrators can set subscription and project level permissions 
  • Project Administrators can only set project level permissions

Permissions exist at the subscription level and the project level.

Subscription Level

At the subscription level there are three permission types, two of which are subscription Administrator levels:

  • Full Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Member

Within a subscription you may have multiple Administrators of any type.

Project Level

At the project level there are a number of permission types. You can have multiple members with the same permission type (e.g. there may be multiple Leaders) The most commonly used permissions are:

  • Leader
  • Publisher
  • Member (no special permission is selected)

Since these permissions are at the project level they can vary from project to project. A member may be a Leader on one project, but be a regular member (no special permission) on another project.   

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  • Restricted persons cannot see other Restricted persons or their comments unless the Restricted persons are from the same company.
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