Resending an invitation that has not yet been accepted

You may have invited a person to your subscription but they may have either forgotten to click on the link in the email to set up their username and password or they never saw the email.

The following is for those that have not yet accepted the invitation.

Resend an Invitation

  • Select your name in the top right and select “Managing People and Projects” in the pull-down.  If you do not see “Managing People and Projects” you are not an Administrator on the subscription.
  • Select the “People” tab. 
  • Select the person you want to resend the invitation to.  They should have an 'Invited" flag under their photo. Note: if they have a Member, Admin or Proj Admin designation, they have already set up their profile.
  • Click "Resend Invitation" in the actions box on the right and confirm your selection.
  • If they do not see the invitation within 15 minutes, have them check their spam folder. 


Canceling an Invitation

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