File Review

Who can start a file Review? Leaders, Publishers and Contributors on the project.

How to start a review:

  • Open the file in Projecis that you would like to start a review.
  • Select persons on the team that should be Reviewers in that stage.
  • Select due date if applicable.
  • Add other stages by selecting "Add Stage" and repeat the selection and due date process above.
  • Select if email based review is allowed: see below for definition.
  • Select "Begin File Review" button on the lower left.

Review Characteristics:

  • Several stages of review can be created: Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.
  • Each stage can have one or many members in that stage.
  • Each member in Stage 1 will receive an email indicating they have a file to review. When the file progresses to the next stage those in that stage will then get the email request, and so on.
  • Members in each stage can see each others comments and uploaded files.
  • Members in other stages, that are not Leaders, cannot view comments in other stages.

It is recommended that:

  • the file is checked-out prior to starting the review.
  • the person starting the review (review manager) should be included in each stage.
  • reviewers should add comments or upload red-lined documents to the review area.
  • accepted comments should be incorporated and the new file uploaded by the review manager, changing the version number.
  • review manager can then push file review process to the next stage.

Email Based Review:

This option allows buttons on the review a file request email to "Approve" or "Reject".

If this option is not allowed the email will have a link to the file to be reviewed. The reviewer would need to log into Projecis to review the file and "Approve" or "Reject" the file.

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