Pending File: Files Uploaded By Regular Members

What is a Pending File?

  • Only Leaders, Publishers and Contributors on a project can add files without approval. All other Members can upload files, but those files cannot be seen until a Leader or Publisher approves the file. Until such a file is approved, it is "Pending".

Who can approve a Pending File? Leaders and Publishers on the project.

What happens?

  • A member uploads a file as indicated in the 'Uploading a File" area
  • After uploading, a message will appear indicating the File will need to be approved by a Leader or Publisher
  • Leaders and Publishers will receive an email indicating a Pending File has been uploaded.
  • Leaders/Publishers can click on the link in the email to go the file or they can log into the project and click on the Pending sub-tab under the Files tab.
  • The Pending sub-tab, only available to Leaders or Publishers on the Project, will show files awaiting approval within the project.
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