Notify Others

Who can do this?

Anyone with access to thst specific item you want to notify others of.

What is the "Notify Others" Feature?

"Notify Others" exists in several features within Projecis such as Files, Assignments, Discussions, Meetings, etc.  The feature allows you to let others on your Projecis team know about the item (via email) without being specifically part of the item.


  • You may have a meeting with three people invited, but you also want a few to know the meeting is going on, yet they are not invited to the meeting.
  • You may upload a file and insure a number of team members are informed that it is available.

Steps, using Files as an example:

  • Open the project that has the file you wish notify others of
  • Select the "Files" tab in the project
  • Select the File of interest
  • Select the "Notify others" on the right in the Actions box
  • Type the name of the person(s) you wish to notify. A selection of possible members will appear when you start typing.
  • Type any message you wish them to get in their email notification
  • Confirm that you wish to send the message and notification


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