Placeholder Files

Who can do this?
Leaders and Publishers on a project can create file placeholders.

What is a Placeholder file?
A placeholder is a File entity that does not actually have a file uploaded to it but is expecting one to be uploaded in the future. This Placeholder can be assigned to a member of the team with a due date.

Example: Leia assigns Luke to a do a corporate review of a company they are looking to partner with. Leia can create a Placeholder file, assign it to Luke and create a due date. Luke is automatically notified that he is responsible for the placeholder file and can upload his corporate report to this space when it is ready.


  1. Open the project you wish to create a Placeholder file in
  2. Select the "Files" tab in the project
  3. Select the "New Placeholder" sub-tab
  4. Complete the placeholder file form
  5. select the "Create Placeholder" button on the lower left to save


  • If the placeholder file is assigned to a member, that member will receive an email that the placeholder file is assigned to them.
  • If a placeholder file is not assigned to anyone it will remain open until someone uploads a file to the placeholder.
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